Granny Flats Perth WaThere will come a time when the elderly members of the family will ask for independence. Some old folks have planned for their retirement and would go living in a retirement home or village with other senior citizens like them. However, some families would love to keep their elderly close by.

Granny flats kit homes are the best options for letting the elderly enjoy their independence without leaving your watchful eyes. This is an important step for every family since it is sometimes difficult to just entrust your parents to strangers in a nursing home or retirement house. This is also a great opportunity for the elderly to enjoy a little privacy in a home just a few steps from the main house.

If you have no elderly parents or grannies in your home, but would love to build an extra shelter as an office space, you can do so with granny flats. Granny flats, for example, have various styles and sizes that are fit for any sized family and function. In this case, you can make use of a small unit and just arrange the interiors to accommodate your office equipment. It is also nice to add a little nook where you can relax and have a cup of tea or coffee during your break time. Some kit granny flats also have a small balcony where you can add a small coffee table and a couple of chairs for lounging.

For a family who needs some extra income, a granny flat can help fulfill the need? If you have some spare cash, why not build a bed and breakfast or a transient house. You can also rent the unit for a steady flow of income. What you can do is provide a few furnishings and put up a fence to ensure that both you and your tenant/s will have enough privacy. You can also give them their own gated entry way if your budget is enough.

Another great advantage of these flats is they can be used as tools to build trust and independence among your teenage kids. Teenagers, as we all know, need space and trust from their parents. It is a crucial time for them to find their identity and to learn about life as an adult. Having a flat that’s just nearby your main house allows them to feel secure because you’re just around the corner. And at the same time, your teenagers can develop a sense of responsibility and maturity as they learn how to live on their own.

These are just some of the best things you can get from having a granny flat within your compound. It is just a small investment, but it can help you and others in many ways.